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Jun 11 '14

Father’s Day Raffle!

At Flayvr we firmly believe in respecting your memories. It’s why we do what we do. So naturally, on Father’s Day, we figured that we’d have to do something to respect those who have helped shape and raise us. That’s why we’re announcing Flayvr’s Father’s Day Raffle! Using Flayvr, simply email those special moments with your Dad, and we will enter you in a raffle to win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon along with cool Flayvr gear! The winner will be announced next Tuesday. So, what are you waiting for? Let the Flayvr-infused emails begin!


May 8 '14

Introducing Shared Timelines on iOS - Shared memories deserve a shared gallery

At Flayvr, our goal is to build the world’s best camera roll – fixing the frustrations of scrolling through endless photos and videos stuck on your phone. Today, we are turning our attention to shared memories. Your memories are meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends, but the camera roll on your phone only lets you look at your own pictures, not those people choose to share with you. We think there’s a better way – Introducing “Shared Timelines”, now on iPhone.


Now all of the great photos, videos and memories that you, your friends and your family share privately can appear on one timeline, ready to be enjoyed anytime you want, and relive them as they happened – in order, and in context.

All shared memories in your timeline are shared through Flayvr’s cloud so, while you can look at them anytime just like they were living on your phone, you never have to worry about all of those shared pictures and videos taking up space.

With this update, Android users who have been enjoying this feature set can now share across platforms with iPhone and iPad users, and vice versa, bringing the fun, nostalgia and accessibility of shared timelines to all Flayvr users!

Why did we add this feature?

Picture this: you just went to a great wedding, had your iPhone handy, and took 50 great pictures and 10 touching, hilarious, and heartwarming videos that you’re going to cherish forever.

If you’re using Flayvr, all of your personal photos and videos are already organized in your timeline, ready for you to go back, enjoy and share with anyone. But what about the pics you saw the best man snapping of the venue? Or the first dance video the mother of the bride shot in between sniffles? You might see some on Facebook, you might get some in an email, or someone might blow up your phone with text after text filling your inbox with individual pics. But will you be able to easily relive those memories when you’re celebrating the anniversary? Chances are, those incredible photos and videos are simply lost. With Shared Timelines all of the precious moments that your friends and family choose to share with you on Flayvr appear just as they happened. No more scrolling, no more digging, just open Flayvr and enjoy.

That’s why we’ve created the Shared Timeline on iOS.

What do you think of the changes? We’d love to hear from you.  Write a review in the App Store, or leave us a comment with your opinions on how we did, and what you think we could do better.


The Flayvr Team

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Jul 24 '13

Apps to Supercharge your Summer!


Summer means travel. Whether you are traveling to a new place or exploring new parts of your city, we put together a list of apps to supercharge your summer travels.


wifi finder


While travelling this app is very useful. Wi-fi finder lets me quickly and easily find the nearest free and paid wifi. You are able to filter the results in several ways (providers, restaurant, cafe, hotel, ect.) so you can  find a comfortable place to use the internet.

Google Play:

itunes app store:





Triposo gives you travel info offline and it also has recommendations based on time, location, weather, and more. This one travel app provides information to locations all over the world. Triposo has the expected city guide, maps, and sightseeing information, along with unique features such as a travelog to keep track of expenses.

Google Play:

itunes app store:



If you are planning a road trip this summer, waze gives you all the info to make your trip hassle free so you get to your destination without trouble. Other than navigating, waze uses fun emoticons to alert users about forthcoming road delays, accidents, traffic jams as well as police traps. The app even suggests alternate routes to drivers and directions to the nearest, cheapest gas stations. Drive with the app open and users automatically contribute real-time traffic data to the Waze community.

google play:

itunes app store:




If you’re in a new place or just exploring new parts of your city this app can help you find what you are looking for.This is a collaborated app so it saves space in your device because it contains information from Flickr,, tripadvisor, facebook, twitter, yelp,, aroud me, and more. Get all the ratings and reviews for restaurants, events,accommodation, travel, and nightlife in one place.

Google Play:

itunes app store:




gogobot is a one-stop travel app and unique social network for travel reviews. gogobot users can easily plan, share, and book travel through the app. gogobot allows you to share past experiences and post questions about a place you are traveling to so you can get the answers you need from other users.

Google Play:

itunes app store:


couch surfing


If you are on a tight budget than couchsurfing will give you a unique experience while travelling. This social network allows you to meet locals, host surfers, find couches and get in touch with fellow travellers.

Google Play:

itunes app store:

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Jul 11 '13


Here at flayvr we love summer . People are busy throughout the year. Summer is the only time where family and friends can cherish the time together. Nothing beats cooling down by taking a dip in the sea, the smells of the grill while being surrounded with family and friends, or taking that summer trip with memories that will last a lifetime.

We’ve rounded up photos from some of our team’s favourite summer moments, that is, from the times back before flayvr when we actually had a moment to snap them :)

Jul 4 '13

Get your sparklers ready! Today is the Fourth of July — America’s Independence Day, this day commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. All over the United States, Americans will be celebrating this day with picnics, barbecues, big firework displays, and other fourth of july events. Many people dawn red, white, and blue in honor of the American flag as they spend this day with friends and family.

We can’t wait to see how you celebrate this summer holiday! Capture your Independence Day memories with flayvr.


Jun 30 '13

Congratulations Shem and Lital!


In mid June, a member of the flayvr team - Shem, got married to Lital, the photos and video in this flayvr were taken at a beautiful indoor/ outdoor event hall in Israel. Lital and Shem met 7 years ago while they were in High School. The evening was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun, so it is time that we wish you both the very best of luck as your start your new life together. As a developer, Shem helped bring the idea of flayvr to life and he is a pleasure to work with.

We were very happy to have spent such an exciting time in their life with them.

Jun 21 '13

Summer Soltice

This year the summer solstice takes place on June 21st, at flayvr will be hard at work but we are excited since it’s the longest day of the year we will have plenty of daylight to honor and spend outdoors.

The summer solstice is not only the longest day of the year. Every year, people around the world celebrate the solstice in unique ways. In scandinavian countries the summer solstice is the most celebrated holiday aside from christmas. Scandinavians have long celebrated the summer solstice in style, in Norway it’s a 24 hour party with bonfires. Latvia refers to the summer solstice as Jāni  (John in English), the Latvian Ministry of Culture refers to Jāni as “the one night of the year you must never sleep,” accompanied by plenty of Cheese, beer and bonfires, with dancing and songs  throughout the region. Sweden celebrates the solstice for two days, Swedish Midsummer festivals generally enjoy plenty of food, flowers and alcohol. The summer solstice festival at Stonehenge in Southern England dates back thousands of years, celebrates the longest day of the year when the sun is at its maximum elevation. In Portugal, celebrations are similar to Mardi Gras, where anything goes. Participants hit people on the head with flowering garlic plants in honor of St. John. The Russian holiday of St. John’s day is Ivan Kupala Day. Most of the old traditions celebrated in Russia are linked with water and fertility, boys and girls jump over bonfires to confirm the security of their relationship- if they don’t hold hands for the entire jump, the couple is predicted to break up. In 1977, St. John Day became the national holiday of Quebec. The holiday was brought by French colonists

The summer solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years, and its influence has reached into many countries around the world.

In New York, participants do yoga to mark the summer solstice. In Santa Barbara, California100,000 spectators and 1,000 parade participants celebrate the summer solstice for an annual parade that’s good for the whole family.

Capture your experience in a flayvr album this summer solstice while we at flayvr are looking foward to hearing about your celebrations. Leave us a comment on facebook or tweet us @flayvr with hashtag #flayvr-soltice to let us know how your Midsummer celebration goes!

Jun 9 '13

Summer Music Festivals

It’s the beginning of June and you know what that means… summer music festival season!

We are seeing a lot of users using flayvr to share their photos and videos from the big festivals that are happening around the world in June and July. These include Sonar Barcelona (Barcelona), Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN), Roskilde (Roskilde, Denmark), Hellfest (Rue du champ Louet, France), Baybeats Music Festival (Singapore), and many others.

Share the once in a lifetime experience from the shows with your friends, and keep the flayvr to look back on years from now!

May 6 '13

We’re on Android!

Today, we’re REALLY excited to bring you flayvr for Android.

We’re thrilled to offer a way for Android users to join their iOS friends on flayvr allowing you to create albums and share photos and videos with the world. We’ve been working hard to make this new Android app a top notch experience. When we created flayvr, our goal was to take the hassle out of swiping through the default media gallery to find a picture by allowing users to have all their photos and videos automatically organized and easily sharable with friends and family.

Now, more of your friends and family can share moments, through the unique flayvr experience. We’re so excited to welcome our Android users and we and look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy!

Get flayvr for Android here:

Tell us what you think:


Apr 18 '13

Android Coming soon!

We launched last year with a vision of changing the way we consume media by creating a new visual media standard across all platforms.Since then, we’ve worked diligently to lay the foundation and introduced Flayvr to the world -along this journey we have added frequent updates based on user experience and insights based on your feedback. Thank you All! 

Now, the time is here to bring flayvr to more folks :) around the world and on more platforms…

The highly anticipated Android version of flayvr is nearing completion and you have the opportunity to be the first to try it out!

Want to be one of the first in line for flayvr on Android? Sign up on our website and as a VIP you get right in thru the Velvet ropes…

Thank you and looking forward to the journey ahead, which without all of you would not be possible….